Mangalore University is located in Mangalore, Karnataka. The university has 25 PG departments, 208 affiliated colleges/institutions that include 2 constituent, 4 law, 18 education and 5 autonomous colleges.


Business Need

In the existing manual system access to and retrieval of information from the university is a time taking process. Information in the university flows through asynchronous communication channels and is not readily available to the stakeholders.


Deploying an Interactive Digital Information Management system for University, satellite centers and constituent colleges.

Access of information to all stakeholders-students, staff, alumni and management- via web portal, kiosks and digital displays.

Our Solutions

A fully interactive & rich University Web Portal with several advanced features including

  • Comprehensive Sub Portals for each & every Dept. of Mangalore University 
  • An Online  Student admissions & Grievance management system
  • A compact Stakeholder Management CRM with a University intranet & email facility
  • A Video conferencing facility for the University top management   
  • Colorful & brilliant touch screen Information Kiosks  spread across the University
  • Bright & brilliant Digital Display Signage across the University


The university web portal along with the network of kiosks and digital displays across the university, satellite centers and affiliated colleges facilitates easy access to information for everyone. Students can apply online. Staff can manage their schedules and communicate with colleagues. Management can access business intelligence reports.

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