Integration Services

Biometric Integration

Attendance of Staff & Students through bio metric devices are integrated into the Software Application to facilitate instant reports.

Bar Code Integration

Used for tracking Books, Exam Numbers, Assets in respective modules such as Library, Inventory and others.

Online Payment

Provision for online Fee Payments ( Entrance Exam, Admissions, Library, Donations etc) is integrated into the Software Application.

Tally Integration

Provision for Export and Import of Excels from Tally Accounting Software into the Finance Module of the Software Application.

SMS Alert

The SMS facility is integrated into the Software Application to facilitate alerts for exam registration notifications, hall tickets notifications, OTP (forgot password), fee payment confirmation and several others based on Client requirement.

Interactive Services

Email Integration

An institution email service is provided to facilitate communication between all stakeholders.

Live Chat

Interactive Chat for communication between Internal staff to reduce turnaround time.

Web/Video Conferencing

Facilitates Conferencing between Heads & Faculty members residing at multiple locations.

Web Cast / Live Session

Supports Faculty to conduct Live Webcast for online Education and also have Live Sessions with their respective Students.


Mobile Enabled App

The Mobile App facilitates operating Key Modules and accessing Reports.

Tamper Proof Certificates

Information Self Service Kiosks

Information Kiosks for Universities facilitate stakeholders to access vital University Information such as Maps, Location of Administration Buildings, Academic Information, Announcements, Notifications etc.

Information Kiosks

Digital Secure Certificates

The Digital Secure Certificates addresses the data content contained in the document, using cryptographic technology to sign and secure the data. This enables the content of the original document to be verified at any point, even from a copy. This technology can be applied to Degrees, Certificates, Diplomas, Reference letters and Transcripts.

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