QVEduTech's e-Governance solutions are in compliance with the guidelines set by the Indian Government Regulatory bodies such as the UGC, MHRD, AICTE, ICAI, Sixth Pay Commission and other State Government bodies. The e Governance Solutions automate Universities to help improve efficiency, build transparency and reduce cost of governance by cutting down on expenditure of physical delivery of information and services.

Our Integrated University Management System automates the entire workflow of the University encompassing all stakeholders viz. students, faculty, staff, administration and management. Self service Portal architecture supports information flow resulting in operational efficiencies and time and resource optimization. Functions like HRMS, Finance, Planning, Monitoring and Reporting, Compliance can also execute seamlessly without delays and being able to access timely information.

Student Management System

  • The student Management module can facilitate all the activities from conducting entrance exams to issuing graduation certificates.
  • It administers the selection admission procedure
  • Selection procedure includes student Registrations, issuing Hall Tickets, Scheduling and conducting entrance exams
  • Admission Process includes Student Registration, Student Selection Matrix, Student Admissions
  • Biometric Integration for Student Attendance is also integrated into the module.

PhD Management

  • PhD Management module manages all the processes from Online Application to evaluation.
  • Its features include Issue of Notifications, Notification Tracking, Online Application, Application Status Tracking for Students, Provisional Registration Form for online Admission and Registration System are all available.
  • It supports both the Supervisor and Examiners Database, Department-wise Supervisors (Guides) can be selected and Guides Profile are available for students to access.
  • It is customized to suit the various Indian universities working under the guidelines of UGC for research scholarship management.

Choice Based Credit Based Academic System

  • CBCS is a Semester based academic system introduced by the University Grants Commission and AICTE.
  • The Q Ventures CBCS Application has automated all the functions of this curriculum pattern in terms of Choice of Subjects as per Hard Core, Soft Core and Elective, Time Table, Attendance, Credits, Continuous Assessment and awarding Grades.
  • It improves flexibility in curriculum development and examination reforms

Examination Management System

With the help of examination module, examination can be set by authorized staff and faculty members.

  • Pre-Exam functions such as Online updation of candidate's list, setting exam schedules, issuing Hall tickets/Online hall ticket, Q-Paper Management, Answer Paper Management and Internal Assessment report generation can be handled with ease.
  • Attendance at every exam centre is recorded. Lists of absentees and students caught in malpractice during the exam are created.
  • Result announcement, memo generation and Revaluation/Re-totaling/ Challenge Valuation/ Board Valuation/ 3rd Valuation Process are managed by this module.
  • Marks Cards and certificates are generated college-wise.

Reports & Business intelligence

  • The Reports and business intelligence module generates reports related to all the stakeholders that will help in facilitating a a more-informed decision making process.
  • It will populate identical information related to Exams when Student is absent.
  • Student Performance can be tracked easily.
  • Employee Attendance, Salaries, Time tables and Finance Reports can be generated.
  • Budget Reports will aid in Effective management of Projects

Document Management system

  • It facilitates the agile transfer of digitized tappals/documents with features such as precedence management, metadata generation, disciplinary support and instant reports and alerts.
  • It has Security back up and disaster recovery strategy to manage all the documents.
  • It reduces manual work by 95% and increases efficiency by 50%.

HR Management

  • The HRMS Application is an all inclusive module that automates all the functions from Job Notification to Retirement.
  • It is built according to the rules and statutes of the Paybands based on 6th Pay Commission and State board.
  • It will facilitate tracking Work history, Employee Attendance, Leaves, certificates, work papers etc.
  • Biometric Integration for Employee Attendance is also available.

Finance Management

  • The Finance Management Application is based on the Double Entry Accounting System.
  • This Module has been built based on statutes set by the respective Sate University Act and State Transparency Act, UGC guidelines and ICAI recommendations.
  • It has features such as Generation of Monthly Reports for Reconciliation with Bank Statement, Auto reconciliation, Preparation of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet (Customizable), Income & Expenditure Statement, Cash Flows, Profit & Loss statements etc.

Facilities Management

  • Facilities such as library, labs, mess, hostel, vehicles, staff quarters and sports can be managed through module.
  • Students can be allotted to their respective hostels very quickly.
  • This module maintains a list of all the books and journals in the library along with the day-to-day transactions.
  • This module works in tandem with the student and staff management modules.

Affiliated Colleges Management

  • This application manages communication between Affiliated Colleges and the University.
  • It enables Online Individual College Registration (Fresh/Temporary) and Online Grant of Affiliation.
  • Individual College Dashboards are provided for latest notifications and circulars.

Alumni Management

  • This module keeps a record of all the students who graduated from the institution.
  • Alumni can contribute to and interact with the institution through this module.

College Management System: Our Integrated College Management System allows Colleges to stay in constant touch with their Students, Parents and Faculty. It provides real-time information for decision making.The Software System facilitates planning and monitoring progress of student performance, staff performance and resource optimization. The system also facilitates scheduling and conducting examinations and publishing results.

  • College Web Portal enabled with CRM
  • Online Application and Admission
  • Smart Card enabled Campus
  • Student Information System
  • Attendance Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Examination Management
  • Fee and Finance Management
  • Staff Management System
  • Inventory Management
  • Assets Management
  • Reports and BI Management

Our Integrated School Management System focuses on Students, Parents, Teachers and their respective activities. Student Data, Academics, Assignments, Examinations, Transport, Food are some of the key areas where our Solution plays a key role by integrating with smart services like Bio Metric, GPRS, Smart Card, SMS and Email. School Management also benefits from the Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports that can support planning for expansion and strategic decision making.

  • School Web Portal enabled with CRM
  • Student Information System
  • Attendance Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Assignments and Lesson plans Management
  • Transport Management
  • Examination Management
  • Fee and Finance Management
  • Staff Management System
  • Library Management
  • Events Management
  • Inventory and Assets Management

Today's world is on the go. Physical presence is soon becoming a thing of the past. With virtual connectivity, the scope for learning has broken all boundaries of time and space. A Smart Device with internet connectivity is all that you need to access the best of the best teachers and learners of the world. Our e Learning Software for Educational Institutions is designed for contemporary learning and teaching. It is designed for self learners and lifelong learners. It is designed for collaboration and contemplation and research.

Course Management

  • Curriculum based online teaching
  • Online Assignments
  • Online Evaluation and results
  • Online Question Bank
  • Over 40 faculties enabled with Choice based Credit based system

Online Distance Education

  • Online Support for Outreach and distance education programmes
  • Online admission to convocation
  • Online facilitation for both PG and UG courses

Online Professional Degree with Certification

  • Online Support for Outreach and distance education programmes
  • Online admission to convocation
  • Online facilitation for both PG and UG courses

We are now in the electronic age of not just learning, teaching and working but also commerce. Campuses are bustling hubs of continuous activity and commerce is an integral part. Our e Commerce solutions give campuses a sense of fraternity through Campus merchandise stores and an online portal that allow students to even sell, buy and rent products and services.

  • Physical Campus Stores
  • Online Campus Stores
  • Merchandising Solutions

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